Water Softeners


Water Softener Installation Expert

The mains water in the South West of England is known for being extremely hard. This results in limescale build-up in the pipes and hot water systems, unsightly scale deposits and scum in the bathroom and kitchen, and wasted energy – resulting in higher household running costs and fuel bills.

An A-rated boiler can be reduced to a C-rated boiler as a result of limescale build-up. Amazingly, a small build-up of limescale – as little as 3.2mm of scale – can increase your fuel bill by as much as a quarter!

Installing a water softener and conditioner can have many benefits –as well as reduced cleaning products and easier,  less-frequent cleaning, it also increases the boiler’s efficiency. This improves the flow of hot water and central heating system and helps you keep energy costs to a minimum.

Water softener installations are a specialised area of plumbing. Mike Holloway Plumbing has the expertise and knowledge to install your water softener professionally and efficiently, at a very competitive price. Please call Mike today to arrange your water softener installation on 01225 709385.